3rd Single「The Revelation」のMV撮影舞台裏に密着したBehind The Scenesが公開。

リーダーのKOYAにフォーカスした3rd Single「The Revelation」のMusic Video撮影に密着したBehind The Scenesが公開。

Behind The Scenes「The Revelation」では、メンバーをはじめ、演技指導のMasashi Nijo、監督のTakaya Ohata (isai Inc.)、コレオグラファーのALEX KAWAMOTOがそれぞれ楽曲、MVに抱く思いを語っており、本編のミュージック・ビデオをさらに深く理解できる映像となっています。

ODDLOREはメンバーのパーソナルに迫るドキュメンタリーシリーズ「LABYRINTH OF THE MIND」を始動、KOYA編も公開されている。KOYA編には「The Revelation」の表現を追求していく中でKOYA自身の過去や心の内と向き合っていく姿が収められているので、Behind The Scenesと併せてお楽しみください。

Get a look into the creation of the music video, “The Revelation” with the latest behind the scenes video now available on the official ODDLORE YouTube channel.

“The Revelation”, ODDLORE’s third single, centers on the group’s leader KOYA. Get some additional insight into the song and music video as all six members of the group along with acting instructor, Masashi Nijo, director Takaya Ohata (isai Inc.), and choreographer ALEX KAWAMOTO, give their thoughts on their production in the behind the scenes video.
ODDLORE has launched a documentary series, “LABYRINTH OF THE MIND” that explores each member’s personal matters. Currently, KOYA’s story is now available for viewing.

In KOYA’s story, he speaks of his own past and how he faces his inner self in “The Revelation.” Enjoy watching both the “LABYRINTH OF THE MIND” and Behind The Scenes for the full experience.

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